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Wood has undergone a painstaking process to show a different side of its beauty and create organic and sculptural jagged texture. Diminishing detail and intersecting lines off-center of the piece simulate a subtle but interesting illusion of depth.

Depthless Matrix Wall Sculpture

SKU: AW-30028-1
$1,566.00 Regular Price
$939.60Sale Price
Tax Included

    600W x 100D x 600H mm

    23.62” x 3.93” x 23.62”

    Gross Wt 10 kg or 22.05 lbs

    Net Wt 3 kg or 6.61 lbs

    Cubic Meter 0.05 m³



    1000W x 107D x 1000H mm

    39.37” x 4.21” x 39.37”

    Gross Wt 16.5 kg or 36.37 lbs

    Net Wt 14.5 kg or 31.96 lbs

    Cubic Meter 0.14 m³

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