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Lean limbs of wood form the tetrapod base of Pinno with a subdued, geometrical silhouette. A complementing shade of thin slats of wood finely anchored to a circular metal frame emanates a pleasant restful atmosphere. A nod to mid-century modern design, it stands gracefully on a variation of bedroom themes.

Pinno Floor Lamp (Slatted Shade)

SKU: LF-28517
$604.80 Regular Price
$483.84Sale Price
Tax Included

                          Base                              Shade

    Gross   Wt 7 kg or 15.43 lbs      2.5 kg or 5.51 lbs

    Net    Wt 5 kg or 11.02 lbs           1.5 kg or 3.31 lbs

    Cubic Meter  0.12 m³

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