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Oster’s breezy design of slatted wooden columns fits best in contemporary homes adding that tropical warmth and glow. When switched on, light passing through the wood strips cast a wide spectrum across the space. Even when not lit, it gives dimension and depth to the room. Works well with a dimmer to set varying moods.

Plat Round Hanging Lamp

SKU: LH-30119
$1,166.40 Regular Price
$933.12Sale Price
Tax Included

    448W x 448D x 518H mm

    17.64” x 17.64” x 20.39”

    Gross Wt 5 kg or 11.02 lbs

    Net Wt 3 kg or 6.61 lbs

    Cubic Meter 0.03 m



    Natural Walnut Finish (NW)

    Materials Gmelina Wood, Walnut & Ash Wood Veneer,

    CE Electrical Fittings

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